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A fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system's water supply and powered by electric, diesel. The pump intake is either connected to the public underground water supply piping, or a static water source (e.g., tank, reservoir, lake).

The fire fighting pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the sprinkler system rises and hose standpipes. Fire pumps function either by an electric motor or a diesel engine.

The fire pump starts when the pressure in the fire sprinkler system drops below a threshold. The sprinkler system pressure drops significantly when one or more fire sprinklers are exposed to heat above their design temperature, and opens, releasing water. Alternately, other fire hoses reels or other firefighting connections are opened, causing a pressure drop in the fire fighting main.


The electric pumps works on 3 phase Star/Delta Action AC supply. The electrical fire water pumps are of high capacity than the jockey pumps. These pumps start as soon as the pressure drops below the certain point, usually lower than the jockey pump set point.

While pump working in emergency situation, if the dark out occurs then the electric pump will get off. This is the worst condition may occur when using main electrical fire water pumps, to overcome this disadvantage the NSC has an instruction to install a Diesel engine pump which will turn ON automatically when the dark out (Total power failure in the plant) occurs.

The main electrical pumps are designed to start automatically when the fire water pipeline pressure drops to a certain level. The pumps will be stopped manually only.


The Diesel engine fire hydrant pumps work same as other diesel engine. Which start with help of UPS supply and utilize diesel for running the Main Pump, The DG SET has large storage fuel tank as a backup.

The main diesel pumps are designed to start automatically when the fire water pipeline pressure drops to a certain level. The pumps will be stopped manually only. A reliable system depends on design considerations such as fuel supply, combustion air, exhaust, ventilation and engine cooling.


The Jockey pump is in jogging mode i.e. it’s just maintain the Water Pressure in the fire pipeline which is running around the Industry.

The water pressure to be maintained in the pipeline is in between 5 to 7 kg/cm2. Pressure transmitters are mounted on the fire water pipelines to monitor the pressure, usually 3 no’s. Will be installed or depends on plant capacity. When the pressure in the fire water pipeline drops below 5 kg/cm2, the jockey pump starts automatically to maintain the fire water pressure in the pipeline as per the set point.

When jockey pumps are in auto mode then the pumps can be started and stopped as per the LOW and HIGH set points of the pressure transmitter.


Multi stage and multi out let pumps offer many benefits: buildings need fewer pumps; pipe work and valves are reduced; the need for water storage tanks on intermediate floors is eliminated; and the loading on the building is reduced. The cost and space saving implications are significant: power requirements are lower, pump rooms can be smaller and, in line with new EU legislation, there is no need to use pressure reducing valves to prevent over-pressurization of sprinkler heads. Driven by electric motors or diesel engines, SPP Multi stage and multi out let pumps are available to satisfy any LPCB specification for automatic sprinkler protection in high rise and multiple story buildings.

Multi Stage And Multi Outlet Pumps are used in fire protection systems in most tall buildings including offices, hospitals and hotels.


The Mono block Pumps come with easy installation features, greater efficiency and low maintenance cost. The compact shape along with the superior quality of the Monoblock Pumps ensures hassle-free service for agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors.

The Booster Pumps is a life-style product best suited for water supply for Sprinklers and Hydrants systems. It is perfect for use in homes, clubs, hotels, hospitals etc. Very aptly named 'Shower Joy pressure booster system' this product gives the user the pleasure of sharp, tingling jets of water while using the shower panel.

Feature :

Easy installation
Very low power consumption
Convenient three speed switch for setting as per need
Material of Construction / Specifications
Pump casing -Cast iron
Impeller - Glass fibre polypropylene